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Brush vs. Spray Painting

Spraying Paint: There really is no faster way to apply paint than using an airless sprayer. You can cover an entire wall in minutes instead of hours, but like everything, speed doesn’t always equate to quality. Here are some of the key benefits of using an airless sprayer. Benefits: Incredibly fast application, One coat coverage, Smooth finish free of brush/roller marks, Can get into hard to reach areas.

Brushing Paint: It’s the old-fashioned way of doing things so I probably love it, right? To be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with brushing on paint. It’s slow and tedious and often results in brush marks if I’m not careful, but nothing gives me control like applying paint with a good brush. Just like with spraying, let’s look at some of the benefits and negatives of brushing.  Benefits: Excellent control, Very good adhesion
Even, uniform coverage, Gets paint into nooks and crannies better than spraying.

Each application can be done correctly and give a great paint job and each can be done poorly and give your surfaces minimal protection. It ultimately comes down to the paint contractor applying the paint. If you have a specific scenario you would like to discuss with us or if you’re not comfortable painting yourself, just give us at Detailed Painting & Drywall LLC a call and we can help you out.

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