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Drywall patching, repairs & installation of drywall is a large part of nearly every home and business today, and yet it is something that most people know very little about. We will review a little below the basics of drywall and its common uses.

In it’s basic form, drywall is a “wall board” that is placed over the 4-6″ studs in your home or office, creating the wall and ceiling. This wallboard comes in various thicknesses, and the most common for interior is 1/2″. Although 5/8″ is available. Ceiling typically use 1/2″ as well. If in doubt, ask your supplier when you pick it up, or your handyman. Then there’s drywall tape that is used to cover the seams…. where the pieces of drywall come together. There’s quite a few choices, mostly depending on the type of wall board you have, the seam and the type of mud you will be using. Typical tape choices include fiberglass, self-adhesive, not-adhesive, thick and thin.

It get’s more complicated when we start talking about that sticky stuff – commonly referred to as “mud” or “compound”. These come in different thicknesses and weights, and depending on how much you are trying to cover, will determine the weight. If you are covering a small crack, lightweight should do the trick. Again, ask your supplier. And, of course, if any of this just seems too overwhelming to tackle, you can always contact Detailed Painting & Drywall LLC to have a professional complete the drywall repair work for you.

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