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High Performance Coatings
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High Performance Coatings

Epoxy paints can be used for a more durable and chemically resistant system, but the cost is higher. Keep in mind also that epoxy paints will yellow with age. If frequent pressure washing of your walls to keep them clean is planned, an epoxy paint finish is a good idea since it will be the most likely of all the coating options to withstand the stress of pressure washing or chemical cleaning.

​low-odor alkyd coatings use higher quality solvents and prevent odors from contaminating food products nearby. Latex or water- based coatings designed for tougher environments can also be used. low-odor coatings are particularly important when painting a dairy, since dairy products are very susceptible to odor contamination. ​In addition to the type of paint used, the color can have an impact up on the cost of your commercial wall painting project. When paint is tinted in a paint store, base colors are used and a balance between titanium dioxide ( for hiding) and the pigment that provides you with the color itself have to be balanced. When more pigment is put into paint to give darker or more vibrant colors, less titanium dioxide is added which creates a paint that has lower hiding characteristics when applied. Therefore, more coats of paint might be required to successfully paint walls with existing darker colors. In addition, darker or more brilliant paints are more expensive per gallon, so that increases the cost. Have questions about painting the interior or exterior cinder block, cement, concrete, wood or metal/steel walls in your warehouse or large commercial building/facility? Contact us today -- we're here to help.

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