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Lifetime Electrostatic Washable AC Filter
Stop dust in your home! Breathe cleaner airĀ 
for a change!
What a washable filter does for your heating/air conditioning system:

Subtracts up to 95% of airborne contaminates.
Easy to clean- just hose it off and reinstall!
Continuous static charge by air friction grabs dust like a magnet.
Lifetime warranty on the frame of the filter! Have issues of it falling apart, contact us and we will send you a brand new filter!
How the filter is assembled:

Heavy duty aluminum frame- includes lifetime warranty!
Galvanized metal mesh screen
Poly-propylene fabric surround a 1" thick core of filter media (most have 1/2" filter media instead of 1")
Don't wait any longer! Never buy another AC filter again!

Each filter purchase will come with a FREE how to guide for cleaning and reinstalling your washable ac furnace filter and a certificate for lifetime warranty!
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Please include the size of your air filter for quote. If you are uncertain about filter size, call for a FREE in home or office estimate.